We’ve had an eventful year with many successful programs including:
The Collections Sector Review; Cultural Sector Training Partnerships with Art on the Move – ‘Building our Stories’; Regional Arts Partnership Programs; MGAWA has been working with the Collection Sector Working Group to advance a solution toward digitisation and collections access; MGAWA also facilitated training and sector coordination at eight regional chapter meetings at Mandurah (x 2), Fremantle, Sandstone, Toodyay, New Norcia, Bunbury and Manjimup.

MGAWA facilitated and attended 7 further launches of Remembering Them (MGAWA is coordinating Lotterywest funding for this initiative) at Brookton, Karratha, Katanning & King Cottage in Bunbury, Merredin, Irwin District Historical Society, Sandstone and Newman, and next year will continue the Remembering Them Project finshing off with York in April, Kununurra and Wyndham in May and Broome in June.

MGAWA have continued to facilitate the take up of initiatives and represent the collecting sector under the Regional Arts Partnership Program administered by Country Arts WA; On-going presence at key sector events such as the Country Arts 2017 Summit, Heritage Days Festival, major launches and other networking events; continuing engagement with national initiatives and governance through active participation on national committees, state representatives on national networks and establishment of local sections of national networks, particularly in the areas of education and emerging professionals; ongoing response to queries, development support and mentoring and the promoting and initiating of improved data collection and surveys in the GLAM sector as part of the knowledge initiative of the WA Chamber of Arts and Culture.

MGAWA has also been working on mapping WA’s museums on our local website in conjunction with the tourist website Scoop http://museumsaustraliawa.org.au/museums-map/

Additional activities MGAWA supported, promoted, and engaged in:
• Arts Debate at the State Theatre 20th Feb
• South West Chapter meeting held in Bunbury 18th March
• Collection Sector Working Group meeting with Victorian Collections 22nd March
• Mid-West Chapter meeting in New Norcia 28th April
• Master Class with Tony Butler on the Happy Museum 10th May
• MGAWA assisted with the WA State History and Heritage Conference 11-12th May
• MGA National Conference 13-16th May
• MGAWA met with Minister David Templeman to advocate for museums and galleries 31st May
• ‘Collection and Object Handling’ workshop in Manjimup 17th June in association with WA Museum
• Wheatland’s Chapter AGM and “Museum Management on a Shoestring” workshop in Toodyay 24th June
• Roe 8 Collecting Day- with Jo Darbyshire both pro and con of Roe 8, 15th July
• ‘Hitting the Target in Museum Education’ Workshop by Alex Kopp, and AGM 29th August
• ‘Telling Our Stories’ Roebourne Training in association with Art on the Move 28-29th September
• Mid-West Chapter meeting and AGM in Sandstone and Remembering Them Launch on 12-13th October
• Regional Arts Summit 12-13th Oct in Mandurah
• ‘Telling Our Stories’ Fremantle Training in association with Art on the Move 2-3rd November
• MGA Indigenous Roadmaps Workshop 28th November in Perth
• MGAWA Christmas party and AGM finalised, 29th November

Not to mention a huge success with re-cycling of old display units, cases, furniture you name it in conjunction with WA Museum with our program of reducing, reusing and recycling to help stop filling up landfill.

Thanks to all our supporters and to our members for another successful year!