MGAWA Peel Chapter Meeting



The MGAWA Peel Chapter Meeting was hosted by the Murray Districts Historical Society at Old Blythewood, Pinjarra,  Saturday 10th March.

After the official meeting, Vince Taylor spoke on the subject ‘Letters to the Editor’, Vince has researched the colonial newspapers of the 19th Century and discovered some fascinating correspondence from residents of the Murray District and relevant correspondents. It’s always a great opportunity to touch base with all the members of the Chapter to see how you’re all going and enjoy coffee and cake in the sunshine outside Old Blythewood.

There will be further Peel Chapter meetings throughout the year to be held in July and November. The July meeting will be held in Jarrahdale and November meeting in Mandurah, we look forward to seeing you all there.


A charming 1860s property located on a high bank overlooking the flats of the Murray River, Old Blythewood is set amidst beautiful gardens.
A friendly crowd listening to Vince Taylor at Old Blythewood
Peel members enjoying the sunshine and some food