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Welcome to Our New Committee   At the conclusion of the advertised nominations period, the submitted nominations either did not exceed the number of vacancies available or were the only nomination received for the appointment. An election therefore was not required. Members are accordingly advised that the Museums Galleries Australia Western Australia Committee for 2017/18 will therefore be as follows. President                  Soula Veyradier        Commencing two year term until 2019 Vice President         Jane King                    Completing two year term in 2018 Treasurer                 Being Sourced Secretary                  Not required              By General Meeting resolution in 2013 Committee Members Emma Banks                                Completing two year term in 2018 Christen Bell                                 Commencing two year term until 2019 Ana Doria Buchan                       Commencing two year term until 2019 AiLin Chen-Van Leeuwen           Commencing two year term until 2019 Rikki Clarke                                   Commencing two year term until 2019 Tanya Edwards                            Commencing two...

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DE-ACCESSIONING ETHICS AND PRACTICE Recently several inquiries have been received at collecting institutions from concerned members of the public regarding identification or accession numbers, clearly of museum origin, on items being offered for sale on websites or at auction. Section 6 of the Museums Australia Code of Ethics provides the broad guidelines governing the disposal of items from a collection. The Museums Australia Code of Ethics is currently under review but further guidance can be found in Section 2 of the ICOM Code of Ethics.   In libraries, books identified for disposal are able to be stamped DISCARD or equivalent, a practice not practicable for most collection items being disposed. In most cases, in addition to scrupulous adherence to the ethical principles, with objects leaving the public collection domain, accession numbers should be removed and appropriate documentation provided to the new custodian or owner. This protects both the de-accessioning collection and the recipient and maintains public confidence in our collection policies and processes. Given our reliance on established provenance and respect for cultural heritage, it is prudent to follow up instances where items offered for sale with accession numbers are investigated when brought to attention. A case in point is a pair of Doulton vases being offered for sale. They bear clear accession numbers. If you think that they have been inappropriately removed from your collection please advise Museums...

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MGAWA AGM and Museums Education Workshop

Tuesday 29 August Museums Education Workshop 3pm – 4:30pm AGM 4:30pm to 5:30pm WA Shipwrecks Museum Prior to this year’s AGM, take the opportunity to hear from Alex Kopp of the Western Australian Museum and MAE’s Western Australian representative all about Hitting the target in Museum Education. What do teachers want? What do students want? Join us for an interactive workshop which looks at the needs of school audiences and how museum educators can meet these needs in a fun and engaging way. Gain some practical ideas and inspiration for engaging with children in the context of your museum...

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Nationally Significant Medal Collection to relocate to Artillery Barracks in Fremantle

Nationally Significant Medal Collection to relocate to Artillery Barracks in Fremantle After decades of calling Leeuwin Barracks, East Fremantle home, the Royal United Services Institute of WA will be relocating to Artillery Barracks in Fremantle on 1 July 2017. RUSI WA, established in 1902, holds a nationally significant collection of medals and other historical documents, including photographs, correspondence and personal items that were donated to the Institute over the past century.  The collection includes medals from the Battle of Waterloo (1815), the Boer War, WWI, WWII, through to recent conflicts. Over May and June 2017 RUSI WA will move its historically significant collection of medals, memorabilia and library books to the new site. The displays of RUSI WA Medal Collection are now available for viewing by the general public at the Army Museum of Western Australia.  After 70 years behind closed doors this will mark a significant chapter in RUSI WA’s 115 year history.  This relocation of the Medal Collection has been supervised by the RUSI WA Curator of Medals, Ms Kalindi Hopping with the support from the Curator of the Army Museum of Western Australia, Col (Ret’d) Robert Mitchell.  Eleven panels, displaying the medals, were moved from their current home to a special exhibition room at the museum in May. RUSIWA is passionate about its role as caretaker of its medals, historical memorabilia and other artefacts. A fascinating...

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