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Museums Galleries Australia Western Australia (MGAWA) is restructuring its staff team to optimally meet the needs of a newly funded regional training initiative. A new 0.6 FTE position of Executive Officer supported by a 0.4 FTE position of Office Coordinator will commence as soon as practical after 1 July 2018. The new staff team will work with the MGAWA Committee to deliver a comprehensive supporting program to the collections sector across Western Australia. Applications are now being accepted for these appointments with a closing date of 31 May 2018. Current MGAWA staff are eligible to apply for these positions. As...

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Digital Access to Museums

Digital Access to Museums     Digital access unlocks collections held in large and small organisations, making them discoverable and available for everyone. Museums are responsible for maintaining history and culture from the past to the present and ensure that it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy. But time does erode memories and artefacts alike, yet with the technology available we are able to capture our history before it crumbles to dust ensuring it’s availability for decades and hopefully centuries to come. Digital Access to Collections have created a practical toolkit with steps for volunteers and staff...

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GLAM PEAK: Digital Access to Collections Workshop in Perth

Digital Access to Collections   #digaccess_wa GLAM PEAK Do it once, Do it right!! From file standards and formats, the process of digitising items and saving them correctly, applying metadata and managing digital assets. Sharing and providing digitised collections via open data platforms and enhancing your organisation’s profile with social media. If you are worried about sharing your images online then limit them to small resolution jpeg files or put a watermark overlay/ logo to discourage reuse of the image. However it has been found that visitation rates increase with an online collection and that 80% of cultural tourists...

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Playing Gramophones in Museums It is great to see wind-up gramophones in museums being played for interested visitors. However it is very important that the demonstrators know about the steel needles they use. Each steel needle can only play ONE record; and then it must be thrown away. The reason for this is that the records are designed to wear the needles to fit the shape of the groove and spread the weight of the soundbox. They wear to a V-shape. After playing one record, the wear can be easily seen by twirling the needle in sun light. If...

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