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Author: Nina Frichot

GLAM PEAK: Digital Access to Collections Workshop in Perth

Digital Access to Collections   #digaccess_wa GLAM PEAK Do it once, Do it right!! From file standards and formats, the process of digitising items and saving them correctly, applying metadata and managing digital assets. Sharing and providing digitised collections via open data platforms and enhancing your organisation’s profile with social media. If you are worried about sharing your images online then limit them to small resolution jpeg files or put a watermark overlay/ logo to discourage reuse of the image. However it has been found that visitation rates increase with an online collection and that 80% of cultural tourists...

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Sobering Statistics from the MGA Indigenous Roadmaps Audit

MGA Indigenous Roadmap Audit A must read for the cultural sector with some sobering statistics. Only 21% of organisations have a RAP; 35% have no policy to manage Indigenous cultural material; & 67% don’t have an Indigenous board member. Clearly a role for us all to play in driving forward & supporting change. Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) is a peak advocacy body committed to protecting and promoting Australia’s arts, culture and heritage. At a national, state, regional and community level, MGA represents a wide and diverse range of; museums, galleries, historic sites, research organisations, art and cultural centres across...

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MGAWA Mid West Chapter Meeting coming up in Geraldton

MGAWA Mid West Chapter Meeting coming up in Geraldton PLEASE KEEP THIS DATE FREE: SATURDAY 21st APRIL 2018 Times will be confirmed closer to the date The venue will be BIRDWOOD HOUSE (RSL) GERALDTON Hosted by GERALDTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY. During morning tea & Registrations there should be time to view the MILITARY MUSEUM which is displayed in Birdwood House. After the meeting, lunch etc. we will be visiting MONS. HAWES HERITAGE CENTRE as well as SAINT FRANCIS XAVIER CATHEDRAL. Should be a full on and very interesting day. FULL INFORMATION FORTHCOMING WHEN ALL DETAILS ARE FINALISED. In the meantime...

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What is the value of Museums in Western Australia?

The 2016 Museums Galleries Australia WA survey was completed by 155 Museums of 483 museums in Western Australia and thus a return rate of 32% was achieved. Museums are educational, trusted, beloved and economic assets to communities everywhere. Museums support thousands of jobs and contributing to the Australian economy. From just 88 Museums volunteers have dedicated over 72,000 hours pa of their time, a monetary value of up to $2million! Museums welcome millions of visitors every year in WA alone. They are there for everyone from childhood to grandparents, students and educators, tourists from all over the world. Museums...

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MGAWA Peel Chapter Meeting at Old Blythewood, Pinjarra

MGAWA Peel Chapter Meeting     The MGAWA Peel Chapter Meeting was hosted by the Murray Districts Historical Society at Old Blythewood, Pinjarra,  Saturday 10th March. After the official meeting, Vince Taylor spoke on the subject ‘Letters to the Editor’, Vince has researched the colonial newspapers of the 19th Century and discovered some fascinating correspondence from residents of the Murray District and relevant correspondents. It’s always a great opportunity to touch base with all the members of the Chapter to see how you’re all going and enjoy coffee and cake in the sunshine outside Old Blythewood. There will be...

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