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Author: Nina Frichot

Malcolm Traill’s thoughts on “Agents of Change” MGA2018 Conference

Hi. Malcolm Traill here, reporting from Albany. Well, the dust has settled from the MGA2018 Conference and time to reflect on the highlights and talking points of the week. I felt that the conference remained true to its theme – “Agents of Change” – and that’s something you can’t always say about conferences! Many of the speakers took up the challenge and directly addressed the question. Are we, or should we be, agents of change? General consensus was, yes, we are doing a good job in challenging times, but there is always room for improvement. Especially notable were papers...

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Digital Access to Museums

Digital Access to Museums     Digital access unlocks collections held in large and small organisations, making them discoverable and available for everyone. Museums are responsible for maintaining history and culture from the past to the present and ensure that it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy. But time does erode memories and artefacts alike, yet with the technology available we are able to capture our history before it crumbles to dust ensuring it’s availability for decades and hopefully centuries to come. Digital Access to Collections have created a practical toolkit with steps for volunteers and staff...

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Australia Day Award for Chapman Valley Museum

We’re a bit late in bringing you this news, but at the recent Midwest Chapter meeting of MGAWA the Chapman Valley Historical Society reps told us about the Award they’d received from their Shire. We love to hear good news stories and couldn’t help but ask them to share the news with us. Here it is! The Chapman Valley Historical Society was awarded the Shire of Chapman Valley Community Group Award as part of the Shire’s Australia Day celebrations.  The presentation of the award was due largely to the success of the WWI Upper Chapman Fallen Soldiers Tribute project...

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GLAM PEAK: Digital Access to Collections Workshop in Perth

Digital Access to Collections   #digaccess_wa GLAM PEAK Do it once, Do it right!! From file standards and formats, the process of digitising items and saving them correctly, applying metadata and managing digital assets. Sharing and providing digitised collections via open data platforms and enhancing your organisation’s profile with social media. If you are worried about sharing your images online then limit them to small resolution jpeg files or put a watermark overlay/ logo to discourage reuse of the image. However it has been found that visitation rates increase with an online collection and that 80% of cultural tourists...

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Sobering Statistics from the MGA Indigenous Roadmaps Audit

MGA Indigenous Roadmap Audit A must read for the cultural sector with some sobering statistics. Only 21% of organisations have a RAP; 35% have no policy to manage Indigenous cultural material; & 67% don’t have an Indigenous board member. Clearly a role for us all to play in driving forward & supporting change. Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) is a peak advocacy body committed to protecting and promoting Australia’s arts, culture and heritage. At a national, state, regional and community level, MGA represents a wide and diverse range of; museums, galleries, historic sites, research organisations, art and cultural centres across...

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